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Industrial design lets cars "fly for a while"

发表时间:2020-03-18 00:00

New products to bring forth the new has become the main means of enterprises to occupy the market. People's pursuit of reasonable life concept and lifestyle requires that products should not just stay on the existing technology, but should be combined with people's existing lifestyle, life concept, combined with the potential demand trend to study.

Science and technology and product design concept are complementary and promote each other. Industrial product design is not only the embodiment of technology, but also to understand the changes of life style and life concept, constantly improve the design trend and characteristics of products, new application concept for invention and creation.

General design to elaborate

Perhaps, the competition for details is the higher level of competition. Among the various similar products on the market, consumers are more inclined to choose products with more beautiful shape, more detailed details and more exquisite industry. The detailed design of the product is reflected in two aspects: the external reflection of the design and the internal reflection of the design. External design refers to the intuitive understanding of the product itself, that is, the function of the product. Internal embodiment refers to the implicit content of product derivation, which involves the embodiment of design psychology, man-machine relationship, human factors and other aspects. The detailed design of industrial product design is mainly to meet the deep psychological needs of consumers for texture.

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