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Close to 10,000 people infected! Pentagon scrambles medical carrier, us: missed opportunity

发表时间:2020-03-18 00:00

According to the website of the us naval institute (USNI), as part of the us department of defense's national response to the proliferation of COVID 19, the pentagon has begun preparations to deploy the mercy (t-ah-19) and comfort (t-ah-20) navy hospital ships (known in the media as medical carriers because of their size). "We have given orders to the navy... Getting them ready to deploy the hospital ship." A defense officials on the afternoon of the society of the us navy web site confirmed that the hospital ship are making preparations for a nervous, recently will start several days send medical personnel and equipment process, and then were deployed in the east and west coasts, CNBC television critics claim, however, the current has close to ten thousand the number of the infection, hospital out sea can not fundamentally solve the problem, the United States has missed the best time to prevention and control.

The pentagon's idea is for the two hospital ships to relieve pressure on the coastal hospital system, which will receive non-covid 19 patients, allowing local hospitals to focus on the most severely ill patients infected with COVID 19, two sources told the us naval institute website. In addition to the hospital ship, the pentagon has a large number of facilities for field hospitals, but these facilities are designed for trauma cases, with several beds placed side by side, and are not suitable for receiving covid-19 patients. "One way to use field hospitals, hospital ships or other intermediate facilities is to reduce the pressure on civilian hospitals in dealing with trauma cases and to open civilian hospital wards for patients with infectious diseases," U.S. defense secretary Richard esper said.

On May 16, brigadier general Paul friedrich of the U.S. air force's joint medical staff revealed more details about how the ship will support civilian hospitals. "For example, if a community has a major outbreak and needs emergency room or trauma support, then a hospital ship can do that perfectly," he said. It's hard to get a hospital ship to st. Louis, but on the coast, it's an option." Each hospital ship can hold 1,000 beds and is operated by military medical personnel. It takes about a week or more to move active and reserve troops. Pentagon officials stressed that many of the backup medical personnel called on to mobile hospitals or to the hospital ships renci and comfort would be partially withdrawn from civilian medical facilities.

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