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We have a presence in 21 states, and we have a lot of resources, and we have 39 emergency centers in three states, and I think that shows what we can do. Our focus is on continually helping healthcare systems around the world improve their efficiency, and the theme of this white paper that we're releasing today is innovation through collaboration around the world, which is a very appropriate theme.
We're talking about who we are, what our goals are, what our goals are, and how we can be leaders in healthy innovation. And then we're going to share some of our global collaborations, which are opportunities for future growth, and we're going to share some examples of what we're doing together to really innovate more for the healthcare industry.
Dignity Health is building an economic ecosystem around a digital cryptocurrency called DHC. Users who contribute to the Dignity Health ecosystem and Health care providers who contribute to the generation of medical information will be rewarded with DHC credit according to their contribution. DHC passes card to be able to be in the cooperation with Dignity Health in a variety of orgnization as the payment means such as treatment fee, medical expenses and insurance premium.
Dignity Health provides a healthcare information platform for healthcare consumers, healthcare providers, research institutions and other organizations and individuals to freely participate. We firmly believe that the DHC platform will bring a wave of innovation to the healthcare sector by redistributing ownership of healthcare information.
Dignity Health
Global artificial intelligence medical system based on blockchain
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