DignityHealth Chain

We hope to have more partners, better improve the quality of the entire medical service, and better provide a digital health ecosystem for the people we serve.

Core Development
— Dignity Health —
Former medical information system problems
(1) medical data is difficult to share
(2) personal privacy lacks security and protection
Big data opens the era of intelligence
With the rapid development of new technologies such as mobile Internet and Internet of things, human beings have entered the era of data.
The rise and characteristics of blockchain technology
Blockchain technology solves the fundamental problem of trust between people and provides a solid guarantee for the integration and development of global business.

New Medical System
— DHC —
Highest level of security and reliability
Under the HIPAA act, all medical information should be kept encrypted.
DHC stores medical information in a distributed data storage space.
Medical image information and genetic information already have uniform standards, so they can be easily converted to each other and easily exchanged and traded through the DHC.

High degree of transparency and convenient accessibility
All medical records on the DHC platform and the process of others viewing the information will be recorded on the blockchain.
By storing all medical information in a distributed database, the DHC can provide users with easy access over an Internet connection anytime, anywhere.

An ideal patient-oriented integrated medical information system
DHC USES block chain technology, which is characterized by distribution and decentralization, for data management and integration. The DHC not only consolidates, stores and manages medical records created by medical institutions, but also includes medical data created by patients themselves.

DHC Service
Personal health record
Healthcare consumers can use the DHC platform to integrate medical records scattered across healthcare providers and information gathered by wearables.
Automatic insurance claims
According to the medical records collected by the DHC, the medical insurance claims and audit can be automatically carried out by using the intelligent contract, eliminating the complicated insurance claims.
Medical information exchange
The DHC provides users with a peer-to-peer healthcare data marketplace where healthcare consumers can connect directly with medical researchers, institutions or businesses that need healthcare data.
Artificial intelligence conversation robot
At present, all industries are trying to innovate in artificial intelligence technology, and the medical field is no exception.
Social networking services
The DHC creates an online community for medical consumers, especially those with the same problems, to interact with each other.
Clinical research
The DHC can be used as a clinical research platform for medical institutions and pharmaceutical companies, not only to screen subjects, but also to assist the entire research process.
Dignity Health
Global artificial intelligence medical system based on blockchain
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